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Arashiyama  嵐山



Arashiyama is located in the west suburbs of Kyoto. Arashiyama is famous for the view of cherry blossoms in early April and colored leaves in November.

Its landmark is Togetsukyo which is a wooden bridge of 250 meters in length. Literally meaning Crossing Moon Bridge, Togetsukyo is the symbol of Arashiyama. Togetsukyo is across the Oi River. And the upper Oi River is called Hozu River and the lower Oi River is called Katsura River.

In there, rafting is famous as Hozugawa-Kudari. Hozugawa-Kudari is boat tours going down Hozu River which takes about two hours from Kameoka to Arashiyama, The boats seat about 20 people and are powered by three boatmen with poles and oars.

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